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Evanston Community Council

Membership is open to all residents, businesses and property owners of Evanston. We welcome participation by all members of the community.
Only members who are residents of Evanston may vote in the annual election and on issues the membership chooses to limit to residents.
Non-resident members can present and discuss issues, participate on committees, make motions for a vote and vote whenever residency is not
All residents are eligible to vote for projects funded by the city’s Neighborhood Support Program. The Council is made up of long-term residents
from the Evanston community. Elections are held on the third (3rd) Thursday of September, bi-annually. Officers serve two-year terms.
Anyone who lives, works, worships or owns property may become a member of the council.
There are many benefits to becoming a member of the council, including:
  1. Voting in General Body Meetings
  2. Becoming an Elected Executive Board Member
  3. Becoming an appointed Committee Chair
  4. Volunteering on a committee of your choosing
  5. Starting projects and/or initiatives approved through the Community Council
  6. Utilizing the services of the Evanston Employment Resource Center
  7. Receiving regular updates on the work of Council
Please complete online the 2024 ECC membership form below OR download the 2024 ECC membership form here & submit to the ECC via in person,  e-mail at OR via P.O Box. Checks should be made payable to Evanston Community Council.
For membership questions contact Yvonne Jones at 513.253-5863
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