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Evanston Work Plan Draft


The Evanston Work Plan represents the priorities and collective vision for the future of Evanston. 

The neighborhood began this planning process in the summer of 2018 and engaged long-time and new residents and community stakeholders, schools, churches, the recreation center, community institutions, and area businesses. The planning process invited the community to shape the momentum and future of Evanston in a way that is consistent with the community’s vision. The timing of this planning process is at the halfway point of the last community plan, the Ten Year Plan. The neighborhood is facing significantly different pressures than it was five years ago. As more housing and commercial development comes to Evanston, it is important for the community to have a clear vision of its future that can be shared with developers and others looking to invest in the community. This vision guides development in ways that benefit community residents and stakeholders. The Work Plan is also an opportunity to look at how other assets in the community can be leveraged or better supported to serve Evanston, including schools, the recreation center, churches, and local businesses. The resulting Evanston Work Plan is a guide for decision-making and development over the next five to ten years. 


The Evanston Work Plan DRAFT was presented at the Evanston Community Council meeting on August 15, 2019. Members of the Council voted to approve the plan. The Work Plan was approved by the Evanston Community Council, the Plan was taken to the City of Cincinnati Planning Commission and then City Council for approval.


Plan Forward for EvanstonThe Ten-Year Plan (2029)


Please click the following link to review the Plan:


Mission Statement:


“The Evanston Community Council is dedicated to the well-being of all residents and to the development of the community though education, business and spirituality.”




To deliver on the above mission statement by identifying the community’s needs and priorities, and then transition them into deliverables that will support the community’s mission statement.


Evanston Overview:


The Evanston Community Council is a volunteer-led, community-based organization dedicated to serving nearly 7,000 residents in the Evanston area neighborhood in the City of Cincinnati. Founded in 1957 the Council has been an active participant in the City/Neighborhood decision-making process and has been an active proponent for our community. The

Evanston Community Council is a non-profit organization.


Why Change:


In an effort to meet the challenges of the future, and to meet the increasing demands to do more with much less, Evanston must move from its current role of addressing the community with the “Village Model” of family, school and church and transition into the “Tribe Model.”


The tribe model is a very complex change in the urban communities’ landscape that came about as a result of multiple variables, i.e. school busing, growing business presence in urban neighborhoods, changing church dynamics, just to name a few. This resulted in a series of smaller groups called “Tribes,” committing themselves to those communities where their kids attend school and where they worship, which is oftentimes outside the communities they live in. We must understand this new dynamic and become more creative about how we re-engage them in the future. This will be achieved by executing the attached plan titled, “Plan Forward For Evanston, The Ten Year Plan (2023).”


The Evanston Community Council meets on the third Thursday of each month at 6:30pm except for July at the Evanston Recreation Center—3204 Woodburn Ave. Membership is open to all residents, businesses and property owners of Evanston. We welcome participation by all members of the community. More information about Evanston is available at

Project Deliverables 


What, How, Timing and Success Measures:


1. Restoring Community Businesses to Evanston Bringing businesses back to the community, by seeking out new partnerships and re-establishing old ones. Completed by 2018 100% of the Northern Business District between Dana and the Five Point completely occupied, with 40% being owned by African American or Evanston residents.


2. Youth & Education Evanston’s Educational opportunities, made available by the rich history of education here in our community, one can obtain an education from Pre-kindergarten to a PHD. Ongoing To increase the graduation rates and the number of students entering college in our community.


3. Evanston Employment Resource Center (3301 Montgomery Road) Services that empowers individuals to improve employment opportunities by connecting them with jobs, job training, computer access and many other resources. 2017 A fully funded EERC by 2017 with a 30% increase in usage of services by the Evanston community.


4. Community Safety Safety is a measure of the quality of life in a community that is achieved by efforts both by council and its residents working alongside the police to improve the safety of our homes, streets and businesses. Ongoing Cutting crime by 50% by the year 2015.


5. Communications-Full Engagement Develop an effective means of communication between Council, its residents and business partners. This will be achieved through the introduction of social media: Facebook, Instagram, web page, twitter and flyer drops, and face to face contact. 


6. Recreation/Sports Programs designed for the positive development and growth of our youth here in Evanston. Council will continue its partnership with the Evanston Recreation Center/Cincinnati Recreation Commission and other sporting organizations to provide these services to the youth and families of our community. (fitness equipment, little leagues ) 2017 Increased Center membership by 50% and to see a reduction in community crime with youth involved in positive programs by the year 2017.


7. Building Funding Partnerships Seek funding opportunities through the development of partnerships to grow and assist in financial stability. This will be obtained by partnering with the community, city, state and federal for funding. 2013 – Ongoing To have financial stability to support Council’s budget annually.


8. Evanston Beautification Program Program designed to ensure that the physical sites and treasures are maintained. This will be achieved by addressing blighted properties, organizing street cleaning events, beautifying our gateways with signage and landscaping. 2013 – Ongoing Have our streets, residential and business areas maintained and free of trash and blight.


9. Housing Stabilization Program To restore housing stability to our community that has suffered as a result of home foreclosures and abandonment. Council will continue its partnerships with various federal, state and city agencies, Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP), Rental Rehab and others to achieve this goal. 2009 – Ongoing Fully restoring livable and affordable home ownership to Evanston.


10. Senior Assistance Programs Programs that assist seniors with all the vital services to remain independent and remain in their home as long as possible. EERC will provide agency information to assist/direct our seniors to affordable housing, neighborhood health services, affordable housing, meals, rides to doctor appointments. 2013 -Ongoing See a measurable increased in seniors maintaining good health and remaining in their homes longer.

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